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Junior Golf Academy

Eastern Golf Club’s Junior Golf Academy has been operational since 2010; and has already introduced a younger generation of golfers to the Club.

The Academy provides an introduction to golf for young children starting out; whilst showcasing the available development pathways that are available within the game.  There is no better starting point for children interested in the game golf; and they follow in the footsteps of numerous golf professionals througout Australia who were first introduced to golf through Junior Golf Academy’s similar to ours. In our experience, we have found the key to a successful junior program is to keep it engaging; and the longer we can keep children interested in the sport, the more likely they are to continue with golf as they mature.

Our academy is focused on keeping each session ‘super fun’ and enjoyable whilst also teaching children the basic skills required to play the game of golf. The academy covers the fundamental basics of the game that any junior requires to play the game of golf including learning about Set Up, Swing & Course Play.

We are now taking registrations for Term 3.  Commencing on Saturday, July 20, the academy will run for six weeks due to Winter. All of our Saturday sessions have no more than eight kids to ensure Sergio is able to provide a personalised one-on-one coaching environment. To book in, please email Sergio




Junior Golf Academy – Term 3 Flyer 


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