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Why a good set up position is most important.

If I was asked to prioritise just one tip that will provide maximum benefit to the average golfer’s game, it would be how to set up a golf ball correctly.

There are very few lessons that I give in which we don’t talk about the set up – it is often an evolving thing, and without players realising, can change from day-to-day. It can include areas such as the width of your stance; standing too far away, or too close, to the ball; poor ball position and, finally, poor posture. Each of these elements can have different effects on your swing; but, the good news is that some subtle changes to your game can make huge differences.

Having good, sound, technique before you hit the shot is imperative to giving yourself the best chance to make a good swing. From an improvement point of view, set up changes are the easiest ones to make as they are ‘static’ and can easily be practiced on the Driving Range, at work, home or practically anywhere.  Within short time frames, an improvement in ball striking can be seen with a few minor tweaks.

In this tuitorial I would like to focus on two of these set up areas – ball position and the effect it has on your spine angle.  As a general rule, most players that slice have the ball too far forward and those that hook have the ball too far back.

The most common mistake I see golfers make is having their spine too straight (Image: 1 & 2) and their head too far on top on the ball. Poor positioning of the spine, with the ball being too far forward, will lead to a number of things including lack of rotation, swaying of the hips and in general the swing being too vertical which causes big slices or pulling the ball.

In the correct position (Image 3 & 4), the stance should be shoulder width apart with the ball slightly forward and the left hip and left shoulder slightly higher than the right. In this position the head is positioned behind the ball allowing the body to turn correctly and have the club swing around the body as it should.

In our ‘Full Swing Tune Up Package’, the set up fundamentals are included within the areas of your game that we cover over four sessions. To book in for a lesson, or if you have any questions answered regarding your game, please send me through an email.

Incorrect: ball forward and spine too straight.

Incorrect: too far away from ball.

Correct: left hip high and head behind ball.

Correct posture. Good balance, arms just hanging.

Scott Barradell

Director of Golf I TaylorMade Australia Brand Ambassador

Date: March 26, 2019

TaylorMade move ahead again with new M5 & M6 products

February is the time of the year when TaylorMade release their new products and, once again, they have taken a giant leap forward with the new range of M5 and M6 products.  The introduction of twist face last year was a forward step on the consistency front, without doing a lot in terms of distance;  however it is a completely different story this time.

The key feature behind the new M5 and M6 metal woods is the company’s Speed Injected Twist Face and the focus is on speed and then, of course, more distance.

In 2019, TaylorMade has taken Twist Face to the next level of performance with the introduction of Injected Twist Face technology, exposing the false narrative that speed limits have been reached in a metalwood.

There are four key features to the design of Speed Injected Twist Face that allow TaylorMade to maximise ballspeed, working in unison to allow every M5 & M6 driver to be precision-tuned with a new, rigorous process to maximise speed to the allowable limit…

  • Ultra-thin Titanium face with redesigned Inverted Cone Technology (ICT)
  • Reengineered, more-flexible Hammerhead 2.0 slot
  • Internal support foam with variable amounts of injected resin
  • A proprietary algorithm to tune each head

Every M5 and M6 driver head is inspected, measured, and tuned for maximum speed and to ensure conformity; a process truly unmatched in the golf industry. Whereas current drivers have a level of variation from one to the next, TaylorMade’s new engineering and development processes effectively deliver a level of precision that ensures every golfer gets a hot and fast driver head. That’s where sometimes you may use a demo or fitting club and it feels great and you purchase one and its not the same…well no more of that from TaylorMade

The drivers have been designed with a thinner, more flexible face, in fact, initially designed above the legal limit before going through the tuning process, a process in which resin is injected to ensure maximum speed for each head. The injection process utilises two new tuning ports on the face of the driver (both M5 and M6 models) and a proprietary algorithm to ensure the appropriate amount of resin is used, systematically dialing in the speed for each driver face.

A significant benefit of the thinner, faster face design is that it provides the M5 and M6 drivers with faster off-center COR, effectively increasing forgiveness. The new face design is optimised with up to a 20% reduction in thickness that results in a 66% larger sweetspot in the M5 drivers over the M3 and more than 100% larger than the original M1 in 2015.

Added to the range is  the fairway woods, hybrids and new M5 and M6 irons which all have similar stories – more speed, more consistency and more distance. From some of the initial testing I’ve undertaken gains of five to ten metres with a driver are not uncommon and those who are using much older equipment can expect to see greater distances. 

Following on from the launch of the TP5 ball two years ago, stay tuned as there is more exciting news coming on this front. It’s quite possible that the most exciting product of the year will be the new TP5 and TP5x golf ball releases. Two years ago, on its launch, the TP5 ball was the first ball to rival the Titleist Pro V and the success was immediate with wins on every tour around the world. This time the level of hype will be the same, with Rickie Fowler changing golf balls for the first time in his professional career – adding the TaylorMade TP5x golf ball to his bag. What’s great for golfers, is that the TP5 and TP5x balls will still be priced $10 below the Pro V. 

All new TaylorMade Product will be available from early February; and with Callaway now available at Eastern, you will have the opportunity to compare the two industry leaders side-by-side.


Scott Barradell

Director of Golf I TaylorMade Australia Brand Ambassador

Date: January 29, 2019

Content Source: TaylorMade


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