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TIP OF THE MONTH : How a lack of ankle mobility changes everything about the way you move.

At Fit Golf, we rank ankle mobility and stability right at the top of our list of priorities when it comes to a player and their physical limitations. The effect of tight ankles is extremely profound on a player’s ability to move correctly. Just as important as ankle mobility is ankle stability.

Starting with ankle mobility, imagine building a 60-storey sky scraper in a hurricane zone that doesn’t have the ability to flex or withstand any sort of wind. The result of 100+ kph winds would be devastating and the structure would buckle. You and your tight ankles are no different from this throughout the golf swing. Ankles are the first link in the chain and if they can’t flex or adapt to different forces and stances you have no chance of maintaining your posture and striking the ball cleanly. Thankfully, you can fix this with exercise and correct footwear.

Unstable ankles can be equally problematic. Lets take the 60-storey sky scraper example again. This time, let’s build it in an earthquake zone with two ice skates as the foundation. How is that building going to balance with even the slightest tremor? It won’t. Again, unstable ankles during the golf swing are no different. However, with deliberate exercise including single leg balance work and some lower body leg strengthening we can fix this. The footwear you choose will also help a lot.

Establishing your physical limitations will make your road to success far less foggy. If you see a coach, your body could be the answer to some of your long time swing faults that seem too hard to eliminate, and you could be doing you and your coach a favour by fixing them.

Fit Golf offer 1-1 physical assessments that will help establish your physical limitations and we will help you map out the pathway to overcome these. If 1-1 is not your thing, our weekly Core Strength & Flexibility classes are specifically designed to improve your overall physical condition for golf, including but no limited to your ankle mobility and stability.

In the meantime, check out this article from the guys at TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) about ankle mobility & stability. 


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