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Christmas Break

The final week for coaching this year is the week beginning Monday, December 11. Details for our Summer ‘Golf & Tennis’ School Holiday program in January are now available. 

2018 Australian Open Experience

Each year Gripping Potential has been lucky enough to be invited to showcase the ANZ Tennis Hot Shots program at the Australian Open.  This year ten lucky kids will be selected to participate and the team at Gripping Potential will be in contact with those who will be able to get ‘up close and personal’ with their tennis heroes soon. 

december coaching tip :  when to use the slice or backspin

The best time to use slice or backspin is when you are aiming to control your opponent from hitting lots of top spin. It keeps the ball low, and is a great technique for slowing down the pace of the rally.  At the 2018 Australian Open pay close attention to when players use this shot. I particularly enjoy watching Federer use it to counter Nadal’s high-kicking shots.

The Eastern Golf Club’s synthetic courts play at a fast pace and the slice is definitely a shot players need to use to take full advantage of their opponents.

competition & Social Tennis

We are looking for junior and senior Competition players –  if you have an interest in playing for a team please contact John. Alternatively, if social tennis is more your thing we are also looking to start a mid-week group. Please email John the days and times that would suit mid-week between 9am – 3pm and we will do the rest. John can also be contacted on M: 0419 188 908

october coaching tip : When to use an open-stance or a neutral stance?

The issue of which stance to use is one of the tennis forehand tips that every beginner player should look into.

Many players, especially beginners, are confused as to which is the best stance to use – the open stance or the neutral stance. There is no definite answer to this question since both stances have their own advantages and disadvantages – depending on the type of shot you are planning to execute. The open stance, for example, is the best strategy on baseline rallies; and when you are hitting an approach shot and you have a great chance to play at the net, then a neutral stance (where the feet are more closed) is ideal.

The bottom line here is whether you use an open stance or neutral stance, the most important thing is you are in proper balance during the shot.





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