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Playing tennis at Eastern Golf Club


ANZ Tennis Hot Shots Coaching

ANZ Tennis Hot Shots is a program designed to help every child – no matter their age or ability – to jump in and start learning to play tennis. ANZ Tennis Hot Shots is played on smaller courts with modified equipment including lighter racquets, lower nets and low compression balls that don’t bounce too high.

ANZ Tennis Hot Shots Match Play

Tennis matches for kids! Match Play is a fun and social way for kids to get into team tennis and is played at both Orange Ball and Green Ball level. Kids who become involved in Match Play will learn the basics of game play, as well as scoring.

Match Play teams are made up of both boys and girls with two or more players per team. Match Play seasons are generally aligned with the school term and run for six to eight weeks.

  • Red Stage (6–8 years)
  • Orange Stage (8–9 years)
  • Green Stage (9–12 years)

Encouraging more girls to play tennis is a key objective of The Eastern Golf Tennis Club and Gripping Potential. Miss-Hits is the brain-child of Judy Murray and has been created to introduce 5-8 year old girls who’ve never played tennis before in an all-girl environment that is lively, fun and colourful.  Girls can develop their coordination, get to know all the strokes and learn about the game through the Miss-Hits characters.

Every session is based around a Miss-Hits character, with each teaching their own signature tennis shot, along with tips, tricks, games and dance routines – all in a fun and friendly environment.

The girls will make friends, gain new skills, build their confidence, be girly and most of all, have lots of fun. Whether they are a sporting natural, or have never held a racquet, the session plans are suitable for all levels.

Junior lessons
  • Group lessons
  • Semi-Private lessons
  • Private lessons

Teen lessons
  • Group lessons
  • Semi-Private lessons
  • Private lessons
Adult lessons
  • Group lessons
  • Semi-Private lessons
  • Private lessons

In addition to group lessons Gripping Potential also offer squad opportunities enhancing the playability of the lesson and greater bonding of players.

High Performance Squads

A Gripping Potential High Performance Coach will deliver these squads at a player coach ratio of 1-4. The coach must have previously played a high level of tennis (minimum Grade One Pennant or above) and have extensive experience with high level players. Sport Psychologists and other specialist coaches are invited when the schedule permits each and every term.

Cardio Tennis

Bringing together a variety of cardio workouts and a range of fun tennis drills, Cardio Tennis is all about quick fitness and great tunes. Every Cardio Tennis session is open to players of all ages and abilities. You don’t even have to be good at tennis to get involved. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never played before. It’s all about having FUN whilst staying fit. Cardio Tennis really is a workout that doesn’t feel like work and still gets a result!

FAST4 Tennis

It’s tennis, with a twist. First to four games wins;  always play lets;  at deuce – next point wins;  tiebreaker at three games all.

  • Casual sessions
  • Organised 6-week competitions


Per person prices

Stefan Kirschbaum

John Hampson

30 min Group
(including ANZ Tennis Hot Shots)



45 min Group
(including ANZ Tennis Hot Shots)



30 min Semi-Private



30 min Private



1 hr Private



Cardio Tennis (1 hr)



1 hr Squad



1.5 hr Squad



High Performance Squad

1.5 hrs



High Performance Squad

2 hrs




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